LALC Executive Board & Committees

LALC is governed by an Executive Board and its Committees, of which there is a Finance & Management Committee. Members and details of all the meetings of the Exec and F&M Committee are below.

The Executive Board is made up of:

  • Individuals nominated by Local Councils normally through the Area Committees (full list of members below);
  • A Chairman and a Deputy Chairman from above;
  • A President and up to three Vice-Presidents nominated by the Executive Board and confirmed by the Annual Meeting;
  • The Chief Officer of LALC.

LALC has a constitution which can be found in the documents section on the website.

Board Meetings

Finance & Management Committee Meetings


Board Members

Chairman: Cllr Phil Orme Vice Chairman: Cllr Pat Hastings President: Rt. Hon. Sir Robert Atkins Vice Presidents: Colin Peacock; Brian Anderson; Cllr Phil Orme; Cllr Eunice Houghton; Cllr Alan Neal;

Blackburn with Darwen: Mrs Eileen Smith, Ms Jane Smith Bolton: Cllr John Price; Cllr Jack Speight Burnley and Pendle: Cllr Alan Neal, Cllr Mike Royds; Cllr Mark Jinkinson - 4 vacancies Chorley: Cllr Darren Cranshaw, 2 vacancies Lancaster: Cllr Howard Lewer, 2 vacancies Preston: Cllr Ms Pat Hastings, 1 vacancy South Ribble: Cllr Mrs Eunice Houghton, Cllr Keith Martin, 1 vacancy West Lancashire: Cllr Brian Bailey, Cllr G Jones; 1 vacancy Wyre: Cllr Phil Orme, Cllr Ms Jan Finch; 2 vacancies Merseyside ALC: Cllr Rose; Cllr Makin; Cllr Harris; Cllr Hamilton; 2 vacancies Fylde: Liz Squires, Cllr Gordon Smith, Cllr Peter Collins; substitute Cllr G Stead Ribble Valley: 4 vacancies