MALC Executive Board & Committees

MALC is governed by an Executive Board and its Committees, of which there is a Finance & Management Committee. Members and details of all the meetings of the Exec and F&M Committee are below.

Merseyside Association of Local Councils (MALC) is made up of:

  • Individuals nominated by Local Councils from Knowsley, Sefton & St Helens
  • It elects a Chairman and a Deputy Chairman from above representatives
  • Nominates members to sit on the Lancashire ALC and
  • Nominates a representative to sit on the NALC Board
  • MALC is administered by the Lancashire ALC (LALC) County Secretary
  • MALC meetings are arranged and by the Secretary of MALC.

MALC has a constitution which can be found in the documents section on the website.

Board Meetings


Board Members

LALC representative: Cllr Rose; Cllr Hawley; Cllr Hamilton