Why Be a Member Of LALC?

The very first question asked when the subject of membership of the Association is raised are usually:

What Does the LALC Do For Us?

The advantages of Association membership are not always obvious. Perhaps the best approach is the features/benefits method of appraisal.

Strength in numbers. LALC amplifies the voice of individual Councils
Excellent access to fully qualified staff via telephone, e-mail
For a wide variety of subject matter – get the right information first time!
Access to free legal advice, which is defined on a National basis
Uniform and consistent up to date training including the latest National Developments
Training & support for all elements required for attaining accreditation and best way to approach effectively
LALC can effectively negotiate a Charter, which truly represents member Councils’ best interest with Principal Authorities.
Lets Councils know what is happening on a wider scale, for good ideas, tips & hints – who’s moving & shaking, how to do & achieve
Currently, the only route to gaining consent is through your County Association. This could be your Council’s means of kick-starting funding
Increasingly Principal Authorities look to County Associations as their first (and ongoing) point of contact in consultation exercises. As a member Council, you have the power of an Association to provide evidence baselines to furnish Councils with information
The channel through which information is directed to Councils from the Government and other bodies
The Association is a member of the Northwest Federation of Parish/Town Councils. Also, a member of the Northern Group of Parish/Town Councils
Networking opportunities with other councils. A stronger voice to approach principal authorities. Representation on outside bodies
A wide range of speakers and activities. Wider networking opportunities
Comprises representatives from the area committees. Gives representation on a range of other bodies, including the NALC Council