Clerk and RFO - Dunnockshaw Parish Council

Clerk and RFO - Dunnockshaw Parish Council

15th of September, 2023

Dunnockshaw Parish Council represents a very small parish (153 registered voters) in a pleasant rural part of South Burnley.

We currently have a vacancy for the role of Clerk to the Council. We have seven Councillors and a light workload. Our Clerk of 40 years is retiring and we are looking to replace her popular and thoughtful personality with a similar presence (but the 40 years is not obligatory!)

Salary: NALC LC1 bands 7-12, currently £11.63 to £12.73 but these are currently being national negotiated and agreed increases will apply

Hours: 17.5 hours per month Qualifications: Completion of the Introduction to Local Council Administration (ILCA) would be an advantage but not essential.

A successful applicant without this level of qualification will be expected to undertake training to obtain it, with the support of the Council.

Desirable skills and Competencies: The successful applicant will be expected to be competent in the use of mainstream computer programs such as Microsoft Word and be able to produce agendas, minutes, spreadsheets etc in a clear, concise and timely manner. They will have good interpersonal skills and will bring a positive approach to all aspects of the role (see responsibilities in the job description). A good level of education is required, particularly in the use of English and arithmetic. An understanding of administration and basic accounting will be required.

Experience: It would be desirable for the successful applicant will have worked in a role within local government or within an organisation where the skills described above were required and were demonstrated on a regular basis. Location: The successful applicant will work from home and will be provided with a Parish Council laptop and printer but will expected to attend Parish Council meetings at Burnley Town Hall (six per year) plus other occasional meetings either within the parish or at the Town Hall. Apart from meetings, the hours are flexible and will vary from week to week. It would be desirable for the successful applicant to be familiar with the parish and live within a short distance.

Roles and Responsibilities: See job description Application: attached

If you would like a chat about the role, please email with your contact details and one of our recruitment team will get back to you. If you would like to apply, please send details of your relevant experience and qualifications to