NALC Copyright documents

NALC Copyright documents

4th of July, 2024

NALC recently issued guidance on the use of NALC copyrighted documents.

Plagiarism involves taking someone else’s work or ideas and passing them off as your own, which breaches ethical standards. Copyright infringement, a step further, violates legal boundaries by using someone’s protected work without permission.

NALCs statement is:

Definition of materials – we define materials as: 

  • Any written material produced by NALC. Including but not limited to – webpages, templates, publications, documents, committee papers, emails 

  • Any other media produced by NALC. Including but not limited to – videos, images, audio recordings 

  • Any excepts, quotes, clips or edited versions of the materials above. 


The majority of NALC materials are produced exclusively for County Associations and member councils. All materials on NALCs website are covered by copyright 

NALC material must not be shared with non-member councils or any other organisations without permission from NALC 


Infringement of copyright 

If NALC finds or receives evidence that its copyright has been infringed we will: 

  1. Informal contact: contact the organisation/individual to establish the facts and inform them of our copyright requirements and seek to resolve the issue 

  2. Formal complaint: If that does not resolve the situation a formal complaint will be sent to that organisation/individual and we will continue to try to find a resolution with that organisation/individual 

  3. Legal action: If that does not resolve the situation NALC reserves the right to take further legal action. This might include: 

    1. stopping further infringing use of the material by seeking an injunction 

    2. seeking damages