Long Service Award for Carolyn for 35 years Clerking

Long Service Award for Carolyn for 35 years Clerking

9th of April, 2024

Long Service Award to Carolyn for 35 years

Carolyn Cross is the Clerk to Charnock Richard Parish Council, Chorley for 35 years and Wrightington Parish Council for just a little less time.

The Lancashire Association of Local Councils received quite a few references for this Long Service award and much was said about Carolyns character, longevity, skills and more about her massive fund raising activities – far too many comments to repeat but picked out are some of their points to give you a flavour of support for Carolyns award.

  • She is truly an asset to our council
  • She goes above and beyond her role to coach and support others
  • The difference Carolyn has made to the local communities she supports is immense
  • Super hero
  • 4th emergency service in her rural community
  • I cannot praise this woman enough for all that she so selflessly gives to her community and to Cancer Research

What more can LALC say that will match all those wonderful Councillor and residents comments.

Carolyn has proved to be an excellent ambassador in the Parish Council sector and deserves this award and any recognition it brings.

Photo of Carolyn and her certificate and Chair of Charnock Richard Parish Council Cllr Bishop